Distribution Company Website

The Client

System X Distribution imports and distributes top quality paddlesport equipment, including kayaks, paddles and accessories to dealers throughout the UK and Europe.

The Distribution Company runs two main websites for their business – the (main) public one as well as a B2B website which simply keeps their dealers up-to-date with current stock levels and future shipments.

The public System X website provides both dealers and customers with extensive product information, resources and up to date information about the company, their dealers and brands.

Further to this System X also employs a collection of team riders across 4 paddlesport categories in 18 countries. Their biographies appear on the site.

System X approached acroweb looking to produce a completely new distribution company website.

The Problems

Following our initial discovery process, we found some major problems with their current site. It was:

Hard to find and compare products: especially if you didn’t know the brand or the model name.

  Hard to find dealers: it wasn’t clear which dealers stocked which products and brands.

  Poorly Content Managed: System X had to contact their web developer in order to add and remove brands.

  Missing High Res Images: The website only provided thumbnail sizes.

  Lacking fresh content: there was no fresh content in the form of a blog  or a featured slider on the homepage.

The Solution

The Ultimate Distribution Company Website

We designed, developed and populated a completely new distribution company website for System XLaunch the Website [new_royalslider id=”1″]

Our solution is based around Drupal Content Management System. The distribution company website includes a complete graphical redesign  as well as providing a rich set of features:

Full Content Management System

System X now have complete control over their content (text and images) and can easily add, edit and delete any content on their site.

 International Dealer Finder

There is both a Google Map and table based view of all of the dealers. The results can be filtered by brands, country and postcode.

 Intelligent Product Search

Users can now search for products from any page on the website. Products can be filtered by category, keyword or brand. This has the benefit that similar products from different brands can sit alongside each other.

Enhanced Product Layout

The new product layouts allow for multiple large images, video, clear product variations and a tabbed overview and “full specification” section.

Remodelled Brand Pages

As well as appearing on searchable product listings, all products appear within brand pages. These also feature brand descriptions, brand specific news and brand team riders.

Integrated Brand – Dealer Link

Every product has a “Find A Dealer” button making it much easier for customers to find dealers that stock that specific product straight away.

Fully Featured Blog

The news section now provides full blog layout including a “Most Popular” section and an archive. Blog posts can be tagged with brand names in order to appear on the respective brand pages.

Searchable Team Section

The new team section provides a searchable listing of team riders that can be filtered by brand, sport and country. The new team rider pages allow for more rider imagery, video and other content.

Private Dealer Resources

The new site provides a password-protected dealer resource area which gives dealers full access to price lists, media and contacts.

Automatic B2B Site

The new Business to Business section provides a direct stock system connection allowing dealers to check stock levels using intelligent search. It also includes “shopping-cart” style functionality, allowing dealers to place orders and back orders online without the need for any intervention at all from System X.

Optimised High Speed Cloud Hosting

The new sites are both hosted on a Rackspace Cloud hosting instance using a high speed, high availability Drupal-optimised hosting solution. This means that all of this content is available in a flash, no matter how much traffic there is on the site.

The Feedback

acroweb delivered on time and really understood our business model, combining a feature rich public site and a complex B2B site for our dealers – Nick Mallabar (Director)

Can We Help You?

If you run or work for a company which distributes products and you think that the website need to be brought to life, then get in contact or get a quote.