Website StrategyWebsite strategy is all about websites fulfilling a purpose. It takes hard work to get users to your site, so what do you want to do with them once they are there. Before we set about designing websites, we talk about your website strategy “goals” . These are the most important targets that the website has to hit.

What are Your Website Strategy Goals?

What might your website strategy goals be? How about one (or more) of these:

Discovery: Helping new prospects find your products or services and increasing your brand awareness

Validation: Giving your users proof and confidence that they should be dealing with you.

Lead Generation: Getting qualified and useful information from your potential customers.

Sales: Converting the user into a customer

Customer Service: Providing information for your current customers and reminding them why they chose you.

Who are Your Target Audience?

You are building a website for your users, not for yourself.

Who are they?: In theory, anyone in the world can see your site but in practice, your users are a small percentage of this. Are they local to you? What age group are they in? What else do you know about them.

What do they expect to see?: If your business is a Gym in South London, your new users will expect information about the gym, it’s location, why they should join and probably a contact form to gather their contact details and capture a lead.

However, your current gym users will want to see class times and information about socials and bank holiday opening hours etc.

What language do they use?: Because you talk about your products and services all the time, you may use industry jargon. Remember, if you sell Fibre Optic cables, maybe your customers don’t call them FO Cables and (more importantly) they don’t search for FO Cables on Google!


Who are Your Competitors?

The chances are, you are not the only company offering your products and services online. There will be a number of competitors, probably with well established websites, ranking well on the search engines.

Find out about them: Use Google and search for your keywords so you can see who you are pitching against. Have a look at their websites and see how they attract customers and medications no prescription what they are trying to do with them.

Benchmark them: What are all the top competitors doing so well? What are all the bottom ones doing badly? How can you beat them all?


How Will We Make Your Website Stand Out?

It is our job to make sure that we take into account all of the above and make your website stand out above the competition. We will do this by:

  • Giving it a great look-and-feel
  • Ensuring that it is clearly laid out with clear messages for each of your user groups
  • Making sure it runs very fast and works across all browsers and devices.