WordPress Website Design Services

What we Do

Wordpress Website Design

Depending on your budget we can either offer:

Custom Design: A completely custom WordPress design, giving you complete control of layout and look-and-feel.

Semi-Custom Design: We can provide you with a choice of beautiful pre-built WordPress designs that we can customise to your needs.

The design will give you a homepage with a slideshow or large image and a number of different templates that can be used across all the pages in your site as well as a blog and a contact form.

Wordpress Website Hosting

When we build you a new site, we will host it for you for free for a year.

We can provide all the storage space you need for images, videos and all of your content.

Domain Name and Email

We can setup your domain name for you (www.example.com) and set up and host your email addresses ([email protected]).

Again, this is all provided free of charge for a year.

Website Hits and Statistics

We will set you up with Google Analytics. This is a free service which tells you a lot about your website visitors, including how many you have each day, where they are coming from and how long they stay on each page.

Wordpress Search Engine Optimisation

We will build your site in a Search Engine Friendly way and will handle the submissions for you to ensure that it is “crawled” properly by all the major search engines including Google and Bing.

We also will help you by showing you the best place to enter the keywords into your site  and will show you how to research keywords and find the best for your business.

Wordpress Website Design Extras

Through the power of WordPress, we can add-on all sorts of extras to your website, including (to name a few):

  • Easy-to-manage image galleries and portfolios
  • Twitter and Facebook feeds (as well as either Social Networking)
  • Contact forms and enquiry forms
  • Google Maps
  • An online shop

Examples of Wordpress Website Design